Snow Day At The Gatehouse

Last March I took a set of outfit pictures in front of our gatehouse, but then the garden was filled with daffodils and the sun was shining...this year it's a different picture. Our garden hasn't really started to bloom and the sunshine seems months away. It's crazy to think I've spent nearly three years living in the gatehouse now; three years of watching the seasons change while perched on our window seat--three years of finding clothes to match the cheerful front door (mostly joking; I have a thing for yellow clothes beyond matching the door)! We have no plans on moving, but I know we won't live here forever and I plan on our next home having a similarly happy front door. It makes a real difference to come home to a house that is so bright and welcoming. Sometimes it seems a little too comfortable, especially for an introvert like myself. It's hard to tempt me outside on a gloomy day. Even in the snow it's a cozy-looking miniature castle inviting you inside to warm up by the radiator. The coziness was much appreciated when I was finished snapping these pictures, escaping indoors again to kick off my boots and wet beret and curl up with a book... gatehouse snowgatehouse
snowygatehouse-14 snowgatehouse-5 snowgatehouse-28-side snowgatehouse-24 snowgatehouse-31 snowgatehouse-35 snowgatehouse-11-side snowgatehouse-4


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