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When you wander into isolate areas by yourself with a camera and tripod in hand you're bound to have a few scary stories from your adventures. Sometimes the situation is actually a bit precarious, while other times you're mostly just jittery because you think you are fairly isolated and then a random runner trots out of the woods and you jump out of your skin in surprise. Rarely do I consider myself the potentially frightening figure, but the other day while taking pictures near my house I accidentally startled a couple of girls sledding in the snow. They were coming around the corner and while I could hear their approach because they were chatting to each other and slushing through the snow, I was unintentionally stealthy as I quietly set up my camera and tested my remote. Making them jump when they saw me was bad enough, but when I realized my remote needed new batteries and I headed to the store to pick some up, the girls were there too. They were lingering near the shelves were the batteries were, so I hung back a bit to stay out of their way and overheard them saying to each other that I looked like I was "stalking" them. I took my time in the store after they left, trying to not run into them again but as soon as I walked out they were on the street ahead of me walking in the same direction as me. I felt if they looked over their shoulders and spotted me a third time all of their concerns that I was stalking them would be confirmed. So like a rather creepy stalker I tried to hide at bit on my walk home so they wouldn't see me, which in hindsight is far weirder than just walking home at a normal pace...Still I got the batteries I needed, headed back out into the snow and managed to take my pictures without scarring anyone else! sincerelyurs-2 sincerelyurs-33
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  1. Haha, you certainly don't look the part of a stalker! XD I do get some weird looks when I bring my camera out and take pictures in public, but I've never had anything to that extreme. XD
    Adorable outfit! The hat goes well with it. :)

    ~Lydia~ <3

  2. Haha, if I were a guy I'd be please you were stalking me! I get self-conscious when I whip my camera out too, sometimes!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

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  4. I've had this happen too. Once I spoke up and said, "No, I'm not stalking you, we're just going the same direction." We ended up having a really good laugh. It's funny, I don't know why you'd be stalking them, maybe it was the camera that made them think that?"

  5. I love that beret! I actually ordered the same one about a week ago, and it’s currently on its way in the mail:)

  6. Your sweater is so cute, I can't get over that beret

  7. Hahahah love this story. A very fashionable stalker indeed!

  8. Oh my god that was a hilarious story XDDDDD. Still, they shoudl be glad someone as fashionable as you was stalking them :P

    Sora |

  9. Haha! At least you have some funny stories to tell! So far the only things I've ever encountered are people who want to chat a lot while I'm still trying to get shots going. And I don't mind chatting, but if it's already cold outside and I've taken off a coat to get my photos, I start to shiver and it just ruins the whole vibe. Ah, well. I'm glad you were able to get the photos you needed! This outfit is so cute!


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