The Best Shops To Buy Berets

You'd think that after having to wear a beret in high school as part of my uniform it would have had a scarring affect on me. You know, that once I was free of the uniform I'd leave the beret behind as well, but nope, a beret has been a pretty steady signature in my wardrobe throughout the years. Lately I'm not quite alone in my love for the beret--it's been a big trend lately which means for beret obsessives like myself there are loads of quirky berets out there to stock up on. I mean, a few years ago I could only find berets at one or two stores and they were always very basic. Now you can find embroidered berets, studded ones, even bow embellished chapeaus! I have a whole hat box full of berets now and seem to pick them up from all over. These are a few of my favorite places to go beret shopping:

ASOS: The go to spot for so many trend items, ASOS also has a nice selection of berets by different brands in the store right now. There are some great basics in sweet colors (like yellow!) but also some more interesting styles like this pearl studded one or my red studded style that I wore so much this winter!
Brothers and Sisters: This shop just released a few berets, but they're embellished with gorgeous satin ribbons, which makes them so feminine and dreamy! This style is going to be really popular this spring since it blurs the line between hat and hair accessory.
BeauxoxoIf you are on the hunt for a unique beret and like shopping independent boutiques, then Beauxoxo is the place to shop. These berets are embellished with all over embroidery, from feminine bows to cute woodland creatures. They're some of the most unique berets out there and come in a variety of colors as well.
The Other Sparrows: If you're just looking for a basic beret but in almost any color under the sun, then The Other Sparrows is my top pick. They carry classic, felt wool berets in 30 different colors, so it's a good place to stock up on your beret basics. I have easily half a dozen colors from this shop.
Le Beret Francais: For the most classic beret, you can't go more classic than a French one. My source for French berets is Le Beret Francais. They have a wide variety of classic berets in a multitude of colors, but they also have some really interesting styles like quirky two-tone styles or striped ones as well.


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