The Belfast Botanic Gardens

palm house-5
I'm far from an expert when it comes to Belfast. One of these days I'll have to enlist the help of one of my Belfast friends in writing a guide for anyone curious about exploring--a guide I'll probably have to follow myself since we only make it up to the "big city" every couple of months, preferring instead to stick to our rural haunts and little village. But I do have a few places in the city that enjoy every now and then, one being the Belfast Botanic Gardens. There's not much to see in the main gardens right now (although the rose garden is a sight when in bloom), but the Palm House is an oasis of warmth and green all year round. Built in 1840 the cast iron glasshouse has two wings; a cool wing and tropical wing. I always gravitate towards the color of the cool wing, but one of these days we should take pictures in the tropical wing which is full of cacti and other plants suited for warmer climates. Both sides are seas of quiet in the busy city; you step inside and are transported to a balmy, brighter world of greenery that feels at once removed from the outside world and connected as you listen to the birds on the rooftop chirp away at each other. The growing things seem to invite you to take one of the seats tucked away in the corners, open a book and spend a few calm hours admiring the delicate bouquet in the air.palm house-11 palm house-32-side
palm house-27 palm house-31
*part of the tropical wing*palm house-22 palm house-7 palm house-21 palm house-13 palm house-14-side palm house-16 palm house-26


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