A Mermaid Inspired Shopping List

I'm going on two trips away this month, both involving coasts and beaches (I don't want to give too many details away!) so everything ocean related is on my mind. In addition to that, one of my favorite moodboards on Pinterest that I made is a mermaid one. I really love mermaids, not just in the "I'm really a mermaid" tee kind of way (although that too), but the mythical mermaids of lore, especially the sort of villainous drowners and nereids pre-dating Hans Christian Anderson's re-telling. So combine my trips to the shore, my love of mermaids and shopping and you get this post: a mermaid inspired shopping list. I figured the modern mermaid wouldn't wear tees alluding to her true tail, but rather would seek out comfort in quirky clothes and accessories that remind her of her ocean home. So lobster embellished sandals, goldfish totes, and a clam shell lamp for her bedroom...they're also the perfect accessories for us non-mermaids who can't wait to get to the beach!


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