Milkshakes At Pop's Diner

alices pig diner-11
I'm big on theme dressing. A lot of my fashion inspiration comes from films, so when I put together outfits I lean towards dressing more like a character in a movie than dressing for real life. Case in point when I received this dress from Alice's Pig I knew I needed to do an old-fashioned diner shoot (despite the fact that old-fashion diners are a rarity in Ireland!) complete with milkshakes. The dress just feels like something someone would wear at a diner in the 1950s with a high ponytail and a slash of cherry red lipstick. We were lucky enough to find one diner (not named Pop's) perfect for the look, complete with jukeboxes on the tables and chrome everything. Everything worked together just how I had imagined it; I feel like this outfit is somewhere between high school cheerleader off-duty and retro waitress! So many of Alice's Pig's designs are a vintage lover's dream, I'm a sucker for their coats in autumn and winter and their dresses are all like this one--retro with unique touches and ethically made to boot! The asymmetrical neckline and contrast stitching on this dress really sets it apart. Throw a basic denim jacket on top, some matching shoes, and a hair bow and you're set! I also wore my white rabbit ring as a nod to the book that inspired the brand's name; Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. A pig baby ring might have been a more exact nod to the name, but since a white rabbit began the whole adventure I figured it would do in a pinch.
P.S. Use code "clotheshorse20" to get 20% off at ethical fashion brand Alice's Pig (and this dress is on sale for less than £50!)alices pig diner-23 alices pig diner-8
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