A Last Minute Trip To Spain

weekend in girona-24 A couple of weeks ago, fed up with the wet weather and miserable lack of spring Ireland has been offering we booked an impromptu trip to Spain. We knew it wouldn't be summer temperatures, but we were just hoping for a reprieve from the endless grey days and with tickets only setting us back £25 each, it felt like we had nothing to lose in a long weekend away. As our trip approached I eagerly packed spring dresses and comfortable flats and several ambitious pairs of sunglasses, along with more practical options if the weather wasn't as idyllic as we were hoping for. Thankfully we landed to sunny skies and temperatures that if not quite summer-like felt like a balm after our harsh winter. After landing in the Girona airport we decided to make the most of our too-brief visit to Spain by hitting the ground running with a quick wander through the Old Quarter of Girona before hopping on a bus in the afternoon to our ultimate destination. It was one of those spring days, to borrow a familiar quote, where it felt like "winter in the shade and summer in the light." At moments in the sun all the promises of spring were fulfilled in the sun on our skin and the wisteria blooming above, but too soon a breeze would stir or we'd step into the shadows of a quiet alley and be reminded that it was still early April. We were told the best thing to do was to get lost and without a map or plan that was easily done! We walked along the fortress walls, climbed towers, ogled cathedrals, and listened to violins in the Jardins dels Alemanys. After too short a time, we had to move on, having only scratched the surface of what Girona had to offer, but if the plane tickets stay this cheap then we might be back for another weekend to explore more!weekend in girona-16weekend in girona-21 weekend in girona-28-side
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