Classic Milkmaid Braids

milkmaid braids-21
I asked on Instagram recently what hair styles people would like a tutorial for and I was a bit surprised that this style--milkmaid braids--was highly requested! It is a classic style and super easy, so I was happy to oblige with a tutorial, especially since this is a style I wear far too often. I think it's my default hair style after wearing my hair down/doing nothing. easy milkmaid braids (click-through for the full tutorial)
Step one: divide your hair into two even sections.
Step two: braid one side into a simple three strand braid, tie off with an elastic. Pancake your braid for a fuller look.
Step three: repeat on the other side.
Step four: take one braid and use a few bobby pins to pin into place. Take the second braid, tucking the end underneath the first and pin in place. milkmaid braids-14
It's actually hard to write instructions for this braid style because it's so easy. It's just: braid your hair, stick a few bobby pins on top of your head and you're done! I always had shorter hair growing up so I never learned how to braid until I was in my twenties and this is first braiding style I mastered. Many years later it's still one of my favorite styles. You can mix it up with different types of braids like rope braids or fishtail braids, but this classic will never go out of style and is perfect for spring and summer.


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