Beaches Of Tossa de Mar

tossa de mar beach-20Last week we headed away for a too-brief weekend in Spain, kicking off the trip in Girona (see my blog post here) before heading to the picturesque seaside town of Tossa de Mar. While I enjoyed walking around the Old Quarter of Girona, ultimately I like quieter holidays and places a bit off the beaten path, so when we got to Tossa de Mar and started wandering down the quiet streets towards our hotel I immediately felt at ease. Our off-season visit meant there was a stillness to the seaside town broken here and there by birdsong and the sound of waves crashing against the shore. Tossa de Mar is a medieval masterpiece perched on the Mediterranean complete with a walled old town and castle overlooking the water. Stretching alongside the castle, dotted here and there with fishing boats is a lovely beach that in a few months will no doubt be swarming with beach blankets and sun-seekers. A little more hidden is the secluded cove tucked beyond the 13th century Villa Vella ramparts with turquoise waters and lush cliff sides sprouting cacti and wildflowers. Inspired by the seaside town, I left the swimsuits at home since it's still quite early in the year, and instead packed a few nautical pieces like this striped sweater, classic espadrilles, and straw tote. Perfect clothes for walking along the old castle walls and catching the golden hour at the beach.   tossa de mar beach-22 tossa de mar beach-25
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