Day Trip to Lloret de Mar

lloretdemar-16 lloretdemar-19
Our day trip to Lloret de Mar didn't go as smoothly as one could hope, we got turned around with the buses and lost a bit of time wandering aimlessly, but then we finally hit our stride and made it to the Santa Clotilde Gardens. An oasis of calm and beauty, our day turned completely around as we strolled through the green-lined paths admiring the statues and orange trees. The whole garden is landscaped on a cliff with the views of the sea considered throughout the layout and referenced in the graceful nereid statues. We spied a gorgeous beach from the gardens and after getting directions from the front desk, we set that as our next destination and tripped down to the shore. The majestic stone formations and crashing waves made for a picturesque setting, so we decided to take a few pictures at the secluded far end of the beach...only to learn as a naked man came out from behind the rocks that it was a nudist beach! He was laughing at us and our camera, so he didn't seem to mind being inadvertently papped! Still we quickly finished our little shoot and moved to the more populated end of the beach (where there were other fully dressed people) and sat watching the waves come in for a bit. lloretdemar-6 lloretdemar-3-side lloretdemar-21 lloretdemar-12-side
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  1. You are the prettiest! And these are some of your best pictures ❤

  2. I absolutely love your magical photos. I have been to Lloret del Mar recently and it's charming.

    David Hill Guildford

  3. Your dress is so pretty what an amazing location

  4. Love all the photographs! Sometimes when I travel I imagine, how places looked in the past. When there were no cars or only the beautiful ones. When girls were wearing flowy dresses and hats and flowers. I look around and try to imagine it all... I hope one day I will be on a beautiful place and there will be a girl like you walking around and at that moment...I don't need to envision the past anymore.

  5. These photographs are breathtaking!! The outfit, the background and the effects are on point! What an enjoyable read!


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