Five Reasons To Visit Costa Brava, Spain

Costa Brava isn't a region we considered visiting before, but rather one we stumbled across because of how affordable the flights were! Once we started doing our research we were more and more drawn to the region and ended up with a mile long list of things we wanted to do and places we wanted to see. We didn't squeeze everything into this trip, but that just gives us more motivation to visit again in the future. If you're considering visiting this area of Spain for a short or long trip, here are my top five reasons why you should definitely head there immediately!
1. The Castles: 
I'm always a fan of castles and the ones in Costa Brava don't disappoint; often perched on the edge of the sea they look straight out of a fairy tale. The above castle can be found in Lloret de Mar, easily viewed from the large boardwalk along the beach. There's a path you can take along the cliff-edge below the castle and beyond with amazing views out to sea and back to the seaside town. Quieter, is the castle in Tossa de Mar, similarly positioned along the edge of the water, but with few crowds and an equally stunning walk and look-out points. Also in the region there's Montgri Castle, Montjuic Castle, Requessens Castle, Peralada Castle--the list goes on. You could basically do a whole castle tour of this region and they'd all be spectacular.
tossa de mar beach-3beach-22. The Beachs: 
Between hidden coves alongside 13th century fortress walls and scenic stretches with towering rocks, the beaches of Costa Brava with their turquoise waters aren't to be missed. There's loads to be found and some of the best ones will just be stumbled across when exploring elsewhere, like the one we spotted from some gardens in Lloret de Mar and wandered down to. The beaches are pristine and bright--although it's worth noting some of the ones we visited were made of tiny pebbles instead of sand, so waterproof shoes would be smart to pack if you have sensitive feet, along with your sunscreen!
garden-5garden-2garden-3garden-6 3. The Tropical Gardens: 
We only visited one garden during our brief trip to Spain, the Santa Clotilde Gardens, but with Renaissance inspired design and amazing views of the water, it just made us want to explore more. The landscaping here is thoughtfully designed to create harmony between the garden, sea, and sky. My favorite part of the garden were the gorgeous sea nymph sculptures, each with their own unique personality and details. Even wandering in the Old Quarter of Girona we stumbled into a mix of ruins and gardens where someone was playing the violin and in Tossa de Mar there were fruit-laden orange trees growing in some of the squares--the abundance of greenery so early in the year and tropical foliage made it feel like we had stumbled into the Garden of Eden!
tossa de mar-39 tossa de mar-37 4. The Food: 
Foodies will also find a lot to enjoy in the Costa Brava region, from Michelin Star restaurants in Girona (El Cellar de Can Roca has the most hype) to the highly recommended Rocambolesc Gelateria to quiet patisseries selling traditional meringues, there's a little something for everyone. We really enjoyed quiet meals with views of the water and random baked goods enjoyed while wandering through the streets  on our holiday. I'm not the biggest foodie in the world so we don't usually research restaurants in advance, but everything we ate in Costa Brava was fresh and yummy! It's always smart to avoid the biggest tourist-y areas when choosing a restaurant and looking to see where the locals eat. 
weekend in girona-25weekend in girona-40 weekend in girona 5. Old Quarter, Girona: 
While it's always wise to walk about with a guide book in hand so you know where you are wandering and seeing, don't let a guidebook dictate your journey through the Old Quarter of Girona. Instead let curiosity guide you down twisting alleyways, up fortress towers, into ancient cathedrals and along the old walls. Stumble across quaint little shops and bakeries begging to be explored. It's a gorgeous area to explore and Girona city is only a short bus ride from the airport, making this stop a perfectly place to kick off your adventures in Costa Brava. 


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