Easy Braided Headband

easy double braids-17
After I wore this hairstyle in Spain last month I received a couple of requests for how to achieve this style, so here's a quick little tutorial for you. The braids mimic a bit of headband look and it's a very easy style to do--perfect for if you're on holiday, or just add some spice to your regular routine. I like the way it adds a bit of a boho feel to any outfit. easy double braids copy
Step one: Take two small sections from either side of your head and braid them. I like to select sections towards the bottom of my hair so they're more hidden.
Step two: Pancake the braids for a slightly fuller look.
Step three: Take one braid across the top of your head and pin it. Repeat with the other braid, tucking the ends underneath and hiding the bobby pins as best you can.  easy double braids-13
Super, super easy, no? I only use a small section of hair for my braids so that I won't lose much fullness and then pancake the braids to give them more "umph." 


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