Swimming in Paradise

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Not gonna lie to you--swimsuit pictures are my least favorite pictures ever! I always forget how much I hate posing in a swimsuit until I'm there, on the beach and there's a camera pointed in my direction. Then it all comes back to me, the cringing and wanting to hide behind any random prop I can find and the millions of pictures I demand to be taken hoping with each new picture that I'll finally see one I like. I've only recently got comfortable wearing a swimsuit and daring to go out in a two piece (and this a pretty tame two piece!)! But with every passing year I get a little more comfortable in my own skin; on this day I actually felt good wearing my new Modcloth swimsuit down to Haunama Bay for a bit of snorkeling, but the pictures later that afternoon on a quieter beach were another story. Of course, a few hours later, in a more reasonable state of mind while editing I realized that all of my panic on the beach was unnecessary. Sure, I'm not supermodel perfect and I can find things to complain about, but really sandwiched in between the pictures of me trying to hide behind my sun hat, there are some genuine smiles as I get splashed by the waves and moments when I forgot to be self-conscious. At the end of the day I'm in a cute suit (look at those colors!) at a beautiful beach, so what do I have to complain about really? We've been having the best time here in Hawaii and are fortunate enough to be staying right beside one of my favorite beaches on Oahu--Bellows Beach. It has the softest sand and bluest waters, all framed beautifully by the Ko'oloa mountains. I'm hoping to write a few blog posts with my local favorites and this beach is definitely on the list!modcloth swim-20modcloth swim-25modcloth swim-17 modcloth swim-11-side modcloth swim-16 modcloth swim-3



  1. I hate swimsuit pictures too! I always feel so self-conscious in them. But if it matters, I think you look gorgeous. Your swimsuit is super cute, too! ❤️❤️

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. I rarely like swimsuits at all, but this one is very nice! The detailing in back is cute, you should have photographed this too:).


  3. I think you did a great job showing off this swimsuit! :D

  4. I'd never dare to take a photo of myself in a swimsuit. I'm so damn insecure about my curves!!! Or, better said, I think people have made me feel insecure, considering that for society I am "fat" D:

    But you make a really good point here. Who cares about those things when you're feeling fabulous in a cute swimsuit and are in a dreamy location having a great time!

    Sora | http://dangerouslyme.com/

  5. That swimming costume is so gorgeous!


  6. Your swimsuit is so cute, It looks amazing there

  7. Hi Rebecca!

    Your blog is always so beautiful and full of color, I've followed it for a long time and love your posts!

    I'm curious as to how you shoot at the beach (from a camera safety perspective). I'm always so afraid to bring my camera to the beach because I don't want sand to get into the camera — or water! What's your take on this? Do you have any sort of protective covering on your camera or are you just very careful with it? Or is it not worth getting so hung up over the sand and the sea vs. camera? >.<

    Love the swimsuit and the cute boater hat!! :)

    - Lindsay


    1. Hi Lindsay, Yeah, I mean we are careful a bit with the camera--we wouldn't set it down in the sand, wouldn't shoot on a windy day at the shore when the sand is more kicked up, etc. But it also probably helps that this is a camera and lens I've been using for like 6-7 years now, so they've been through A LOT at this point--I've dropped the lens more times than I care to count, shot in rain and snow, etc and it's withstood all that. If it was a newer camera and lens I would definitely be more protective, but at this point they're pretty old and reliable and I don't worry about them so much b/c they aren't sparkly and new lol :p

    2. Oh and we've never got this camera or lens in the water; we always shoot with the camera on dry land. I do like it get dunked in salt water would be the end of it!


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