Anne of Green Gables

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If there's one comparison I've received with increasing frequency in the last few years it's: Anne of Green Gables. It's not one I sought out for myself, she wasn't my inspiration for red hair or a fashion influence for me either, although it's also a comparison I enjoy because I do love the books and her character. Who wouldn't want to be like spunky Anne? And while I don't think I'm as bold as her, I do have a similar love for novels and nature. It's L.M. Montgomery's descriptions of nature that really make my heart sing; it's rare to find an author who is so similarly invested in the scenery and seasons. She wrote beautifully about nature and I like to think my love for the natural world is expressed through my photographs. Today I thought I'd embrace my Anne vibes with double braids and straw hat--and a little Anne of Green Gables book necklace. Bunnyhell makes all sorts of classic novels into book necklaces and brooches, from Jane Eyre to The Princess Bride. And if your favorite book isn't in the shop (like Anne) you can always request a custom order. The custom necklaces for your favorite book are the same price as the ones already listed in her shop as well, so unlike some shops where custom costs an extra penny, you can pick your favorite for steal! It's a really sweet gift for any book lover you know or a way to wear your favorite novel on a daily basis! I'm also partnering with Bunnyhell to give away someone's favorite book necklace, go check out my Instagram later today to enter.
Also, can you tell I'm wearing a petticoat in these pictures? I've never worn a petticoat with my dresses before (outside of playing dress up as a kid), but I thought some of my vintage pieces might be better suited by the literal "oomph." It's a bit outside my comfort zone as I tend to prefer things more natural looking especially when walking through the woods and gathering wild garlic since it's such a peaceful scene, but what do you think? I'm feeling quite settled in my style, but I'm trying to do little experiments within that set look. Even if you have your styled figured out you can always look for ways to refine it.
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