Humming Melody

palm trees-32
In all my excitement over the blossom in Ireland I neglected to share a few pictures from Hawaii—like these ones we shot with the palm trees. I love the exotic (to me) vegetation of Hawaii—the hibiscus and palms, plumeria and flame of the forest. It’s such a striking contrast to what you see in most areas of the mainland or Ireland. I received this lovely hummingbird and floral enamel pieces from Good After Nine a few weeks before my trip, but the vibrant colors seemed to call for a tropical backdrop so I saved them for this trip. I’ve been wearing Good After Nine jewelry for three years now and I still love her designs—and she keeps surprising me with new styles. I think my first ever piece was a classic animal ring, then I fell hard for her bloom collection (always fitting with my nature pictures), and now this set is something new again. It feels like a whole scene or captured moment, hummingbirds collecting nectar from pretty blossoms. I kept things simple to let the jewelry really shine; a classic little navy dress and slides to frame the necklace and ring. The slides were also a bit of a necessity since I got a spider bite while in Hawaii that made my foot swell and all other shoes uncomfortable! palm trees-7-side palm trees-31
palm trees-27 palm trees-34 palm trees-35 palm trees-6-side palm trees-28 palm trees-22


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