Easy Twisted Half Up Do

easy half up twist do-11When I asked what type of hair tutorials people would like to see, half up/half down dos were the most requested. This twisted style is my favorite half up do and like so many of my favorite styles it's very easy! (Side note: can someone please come up with a better name for half up/half down dos? It's such a mouthful even if you just say "half up do"--why aren't there any better names for this?!) I never like to take a lot of time getting ready in the morning, so all of my favorite styles can be achieved in no time at all.
easy twisted half up do
Step one: Twist two small sections of hair from either side of your head and tie together with an elastic.
Step two: Pancake and pull your sections a bit to give them more width and less structure. Pancaking your braids and twists means you can use less hair in your styles but still get a nice amount of volume to a look.
Step three: Take a small section of hair and twist it a few times.
Step four: Take your twist up, over your tied off section and pull it down underneath the section--basically you are making a loop with your piece of hair. It's hard to describe but very easy to do!
Step four: Repeat a few times creating several loops all over until you have a fun, twisted shape that resembles a rope braid. You don't have to be to consistent or symmetrical with your loops.
easy half up twist do-14
That's it! It's very simple, but looks very fun and gets better as the day goes on and the loops get messier and looser. This is also a great style to mix and match with other details--you can braid some of your loops to give the look more texture or start off with this technique and then gather the rest of your hair up in a big, messy braid. That's really the fun about learning different hair styles--finding interesting ways to combine them and make something all your own.


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