Walking Through The Bluebell Woods

We came home to my favorite season in Ireland--spring. True spring when the woods burst into flower and every where is wild with color and new growth. Spring wasn't showing its face in April, so we left behind muddy forest paths and dead-looking trees--even from the plane as we landed we could see the island transformed on our return. Fields of yellow wildflowers cropping up here and there with expanses of green and the woods flourishing again. One of the most idyllic spots to be sought in spring has to be the beds of bluebells cropping up in the woods around us. We haven't even visited one of the parks known for bluebells, but rather just went on a jaunt in the woods a few minutes from our house and found several patches of them forming a purple-y blue carpet. Here the bluebells are mixed with wood anemone and wild garlic, adding little spots of white to the pretty sea of blue. I got this dress last month with this scene in mind--a perfect shade of blue, in a shape a bit unusual for me. But the romantic silhouette and flowy-ness of the piece matched the shape of the flowers perfectly and added to the idyllic scene. What signs of spring are you looking forward to near you? bluebells-21 bluebells-20
bluebells-24-side bluebells-8 bluebells-30 bluebells-19 bluebells-29bluebell woods bluebells-15


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