Stylish Movies: The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

the man from uncleSome movies are good. Some movies have good style. Seriously, there's a load of films I watch only for the fashion while inwardly cringing at the dialogue and obvious plot holes. For fun I thought I'd start a new series on this blog focusing on some fashion films--not recommendations on the quality of a film or whether you might enjoy watching it, but films filled with scenes of beautiful clothes and outfits that can't help but inspire you. Some films are good and have good style, like today's film: The Man From U.N.C.L.E. I originally saw it on a plane with only a cursory interest, but have since re-watched it half a dozen times, half dissecting every interaction between Gaby and Kuryakin, half obsessing over everything Gaby wears. Villainess Victoria Vinciguerra also has some notable outfits, but style-wise petite Gaby is more my muse and the focus of this post. She only wears a few outfits on screen (I didn't include her pajamas look or mechanic outfit) and none of them get enough screen time. But her style is very declarative and consistent; bold colors for a bold personality focusing on a white, orange, and green palette. Character-wise it's interesting as well that this is the wardrobe Kuryakin has curated for Gaby as his "fiance" and yet in the final scene where she no longer has to continue that masquerade her outfit is consistent with the previous looks--a white shift with bold accessories, signature ponytail, and metallic sandals. It's easily a look Kuryakin would have chosen for her, but now one she has chosen for herself (an indication of her feelings for Kuryakin as she is dressed bride-like in the style he likes, or perhaps a nod to how well he guessed her preferences and how well suited they are for each other?). Mod style is one I don't often wear myself, but if there's one film to convince me to scrap my entire wardrobe and invest in all the '60s shift dresses and statement earrings--it's this one. Thankfully we don't live in an either or world, we can keep our usual style and inflect a bit of Gaby sass with boxy bags, retro sandals, and those all important earrings--a cocktail ring and some round sunglasses wouldn't go amiss either. the man from uncle the man from uncle
With Gaby's style the key is to go bold: bright colors, graphic lines, oversized accessories, and minimalism. Avoid overly fussy details and too feminine finishes like floral prints and bows. With her role as Kuryakin's fiance every outfit she wears after she meets him has a touch of "bridal" white which adds a fresh crispness to her looks which are perfect inspiration for spring and summer style; although I'm not convinced I can work a large white felt hat as well as her and it certainly would be a pain to keep clean!
Trina Turk ring, Bauble Bar earrings, vintage sunglasses, mod dress, Mango purse, Topshop sandalsthe man from uncle


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