Stormy Skies At Bellows Beach

stormy day-19
I think my first introduction to Mata Traders was over four years ago and I love that I'm still wearing them now. So many of the brands or clothes I wear these days come from the same stores again and again. I'm not against finding new brands to wear, but it's nice when you've been wearing a brand for awhile and you know what to expect from them. Mata Traders also has the added bonus of being an fair trade brand made by artisans in Nepal and India. When you shop from them you're supporting a larger goal of providing income and a way out of poverty as well as keeping alive craft traditions that date back centuries. And just as my fondness of Mata Traders remains undiminished, apparently so does my love of oversized check prints--I wore two VERY similar dresses from Mata Traders last spring and summer! The biggest update in this style is the bright colors which were a perfect match for the beach we stayed beside while in Hawaii. The dress mirrored the colors of sand and sea and approaching storm that hovered on the horizon. It made for such a dramatic scene and beautiful contrast of colors that we couldn't resist snapping a few impromptu pictures along the beach.
P.S. The check styles I wore last year are now on sale. While it's great if you can buy from the new collection of Mata Traders, there's also no reason if you're on a tighter budget why you can't browse the sale section. Your money still goes to a good cause and the classic styles Mata Traders specializes in will be in style for many seasons and years to come.
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