The It Ponytail For Summer

stormy day-26 If there's one hairstyle that dominates summer it has to be the classic ponytail. It's so easy and perfect in hot weather conditions. I'm quite partial for just putting a bow on my ponytails and calling it a day, but if you want to be more adventurous than that, today's style is still terrifically easy while also being quite fresh and trendy this season. It's the perfect style to try out on your next holiday or whenever you want to mix things up a bit. easy bubble ponytail tutorial
Step one: start by gathering all of your hair into a ponytail.
Step two: tie a second elastic around your ponytail a few inches below your first elastic.
Step three: pull and tease the hair between the two elastics for a fuller look.
Step four: repeat the steps above by tying a third elastic a few inches below your last one. Again, tease and pull the hair between the two elastics to form a "bubble" in your ponytail.
Step five: repeat as many times as you can or want along your ponytail. I really like three large bubbles in mine, but you could also opt for less teasing an more bubbles. bubblepony-18
That's it! Super easy, but also pretty cute and fun. You can dress this style up as well with pretty ribbons at each elastic or double the look up and make bubble pigtails. I've seen the latter style a lot on Instagram lately and it looks really cute when the pigtails are low and styled with a straw hat--maybe a style I need to try out myself next!


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