Are You A Webtrovert?

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The lovely Sara from Me and Orla wrote a post about being a "webtrovert" over a year ago--sidenote: look how long it takes me to absorb things on occasion. I'm sure most of you are familiar with the terms introvert or extrovert; the former finding themselves more energized by time alone and the latter more energized by the company of others. Sara proposed a third option: webtrovert, a person who is energized by spending time online (only she spelled energized with a "s" because she's British!). I've often quipped to people that part of the reason I'm good at blogging (or "good online") is because I'm not a suited for in-person interactions. I'm told I'm not horribly awkward, but I often feel quite awkward and find even enjoyable social engagements to be tiring after awhile. Living in the countryside I think has rather exasperated the situation because instead of being forced to get better at social interactions, I can escape from most of them! But I clearly do like talking (in the form of writing) and sharing and connecting with others; otherwise I could just have set this blog to private or kept a secret journal on my laptop. I think the webtrovert option is a good descriptor of those like myself who enjoy being alone, but still crave some sort of connection and finding kindred spirits online. I've found so many lovely women who inspired me over the years through blogging; most I've never met in person but have made as deep an impression as anyone. However, in some ways I still don't feel true webtrovert either since even the enjoyable interactions online become wearying to me after a time, or maybe it's just the volume you get once you reach a certain level of visibility. Lately, I have been feeling very drained by virtual interactions, my inbox on Instagram is overflowing to the point of being overwhelming and a few bad apples in an overfull barrel of very good apples is tingeing harmless interactions with apprehension. Turns out even online I need a break sometimes from the social aspect! Still I quite like the term webtrovert because it concisely explains that phenomenon of the shy, private introvert who decides to plaster the web with photographs of their face and life. It seems like a contradiction, but for many of us, it works. Do you think you're a webtrovert as well?
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