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As you may have noticed I set up a newsletter account ages and ages ago. I added a button in my sidebar and invited people to sign up...then I promptly did nothing! I never sent a single newsletter out! Well that has officially changed. I sent out my first ever newsletter this week (sidenote: bear with me if they're a bit wonky as I am a novice at this) and have settled on a format I think will work for me. My plan is to send out two newsletters a month and to feature a mix of recent blog posts, inspiring quotes, new hashtags to follow, and some style inspiration. In my last one I shared a shop I love right now, a hashtag inspired by a classic novelist, and an Anne of Green Gables quote (because I'm predictable like that). If it sounds like something you'd enjoy then please sign up below. I hope it will continue the theme of "quiet in the wild" and bring some inspiration to your inbox today. 



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