The Petite Girl's Maxi Dress

edwardian bluebells-45This dress is described as a midi dress, but you'd probably never guess that by looking at these pictures. I think this is my third midi dress that instead of hitting somewhere between my knee and ankle, grazes my toes. Which I don't mind, because I quite like a maxi dress--for one thing, they're actually more flattering on my height than most midi dresses! But midi dresses are quite handy for the vertically challenged like myself--instant maxi dress, especially useful since most maxi dresses are too long for petite ladies. Instead of needing to hem several inches off a new dress, I can just look at the midi section and find something in a perfect length I won't trip over! This one has the added bonus of a romantic, lace-trimmed feel that perfectly channels Picnic at Hanging Rock. Of course, since it's spring in Ireland, rather than February in Australia, my setting is a far cry from that film. Where the film is dry and ominous, here the woods are lush and magical. Thomas even found an elusive white bluebell amongst the carpet of blue!edwardian bluebells-6 edwardian bluebells-7-side
edwardian bluebells-16 edwardian bluebells-14 edwardian bluebells-36 edwardian bluebells-48 edwardian bluebells-40-side edwardian bluebells-22 edwardian bluebells-21 edwardian bluebells-11 edwardian bluebells-41 edwardian bluebells-38


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