Bows, Boaters, and Basket Bags

bo peep-25
My summer style tends to summed up in "b"s: bows, boater hats, and basket bags. This outfit happens to feature all three of them; bows on the back of my dress, a trusty old boater hat I wear every summer, and a classic basket bag. In autumn I'm all about berets, brogues, and boots, and some other non-b-words like scarves, fox prints, and cozy coats! But in summer I want everything airy and light; bags and hats woven of straw and air, feminine finishes on otherwise simple pieces like a classic white dress or a ponytail finished in a bow. I could really extend this "b" analogy even further with inspiration from Brigitte Bardot and I'm even wearing a classic bee necklace and ring with this outfit! It's funny when I was putting together the outfit I didn't even plan on wearing everything "b" themed, it's only when I set down to write this post that I noticed the theme shake out, although I did have Bo Peep on the mind when we snapped these pictures with one of the late blossoming trees and flock of sheep. You can't see the sheep too well in these photographs as they are rather skittish and stayed a good distance from us, but they do get me one step closer to my ultimate goal of taking pictures with a spring lamb one of these days! I love watching them jump around the fields every spring and would love to be able to pet and hold day I will! bo peep-39 bo peep-49-side
bo peep-10 bo peep-34 bo peep-50 bo peep-45 bo peep-3-side bo peep-47 bo peep-46 bo peep-43


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