The Best No-Heat Curls

everyday curl technique-7
I get a lot of questions about my curls, or waves if you prefer--I'm not really sure what to call this hairstyle, I usually refer to it as "fluffy hair." My hair is naturally very straight and while I love curls, I hate curling my hair with a hot iron because it damages your hair and honestly the curls or wave from hot irons never held that well for me. Originally I started doing this technique called a "retro roll up" as a pin-up style look, but I found that the longer I left it in the more bounce my hair had when I took it down. Then I started trying the style overnight with wet hair and it was an instant hit for me. If you want to see the tutorial with wet hair click here, but today's more recent pictures feature mostly dry hair. I do this style almost every night with dry or only slightly damp hair and I find it gives my hair the perfect amount of bounce and wave. Once you've "set" it one night with wet or damp hair you can do this style with dry hair the next night just to help carry your curls for another day.
everyday curl technique copy Step one: start with brushed hair and place a looped headband on top of your hair (I like wired headbands because they hold their shape nicely).
Step two: take a small section of hair and loop it around your headband. You pull the section up over the headband and down through the loop underneath the headband.
Step three: add a bit of hair to your original section and loop it around your headband the same way you did the first loop.
Step four: continue until you have looped all of your hair around your headband. I usually work from both sides at the same time and the meet in the middle back of my head.
Step five: slide a few bobby pins into your loop to keep it in place overnight; sliding the bobby pins in horizontally/parallel with the headband will hold the hair in place better. Shorter hair will need more bobby pins, but if your hair is longer you can get away with only 2-3 bobby pins.
Step six: leave in overnight or if working with wet hair until hair is fully dry. Then remove the bobby pins and gently shake your hair free from the headband. 
everyday curl technique-5 everyday curl technique-13
You can see in the sixth picture of the graph what my hair looks like when I go to sleep and the next picture shows the roll when I wake up--a lot looser and messier! Then my hair comes out of the loop looking like the first picture above; pretty serious ringlets. You can leave your hair in those curls, or use a gentle brush (I have a tangle teezer) to brush your curls out for more of a full/bouncy look like my usual style. Anytime you see my hair looking wavy or curly, this is the technique I use. Now that I do it so often I have it down pat and can whip my hair up in less than five minutes and then wake up with the waves of my dreams! I don't use any products (no mousse or hairspray) and my waves last all day long; I love that I can still brush my hair and run my fingers through it with this style. 
P.S. Any wired headband, or even a scarf tired in a loop will do--I don't recommend a specific brand or shop; just google wired headband. 


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