Cherry Picking & Five Things I Miss About The States

Seems fitting on America's birthday to share these cherry pictures in a bright red dress and talk about my home country a bit. My mother took these for me recently while I was stateside visiting my family and man was it hot when we took them! It's only July but between an unusually warm Irish spring and my brief visit to the States I have experienced so many lovely, warm summery days that I really can't complain when colder weather and autumn arrives. I really like to fully feel each season--snow in winter, colorful leaves and misty mornings in autumn, and yes, boiling hot days in summer when you're sweating your head off! That is summer to me and not something I usually get to experience where I live now, but this year has been different. We've had every season right on our doorstep and it makes me so happy! As I said in a blog post recently, I don't believe in perfect places and I think part of what makes somewhere great is just focusing on appreciation. Even so, I am human and as wonderful as my new home is there are still things I miss about American. Here's a few things I wish Ireland had:
1. 24/7 stores and diners. I love greasy spoon diners and being able to drive to one at two am and get a milkshake and fries! None of the stores or restaurants near me are open all night and while it's hardly a daily requirement to run to the store for something at midnight, as a night owl I do miss the option.
2. A single faucet for hot & cold water. Much of this list is specific to my experience (as you might guess!), so while I'm sure there are single faucets in this country, my house has a faucet for hot water and a separate faucet for cold water. Which means when you're washing your hands you have to choose between burning your hands with boiling water, freezing them off with icy water, or filling the whole sink with a mix of both! Why, why why?
3. Vintage stores. I've been very fortunate in the States to live in places with excellent vintage and antique malls. The prices were amazing and the finds ranged from eclectic to elegant; while I do wander around the odd vintage store here I haven't found a very affordable one or a shop well stocked with vintage clothes. For now I content myself with late night Etsy browsing.
4. Driving. I haven't got my license over here yet so I'm dependent on others getting around, but in addition to that driving here is very different from the States. I used to visit friends in the States several times a week who lived over an hour away from me, here that length of drive is seen as more if a journey. I kind of miss the "open road" mentality of just getting in a car and going somewhere hours away without much thought or planning just because you feel like going somewhere.
5. My friends and family. Obviously the biggest thing I miss isn't superficial things like donuts (but man donuts!), but the people I left behind. I still get to see my family fairly often, but I find long distance relationships a lot harder to maintain and it's a very lonely experience moving to a new country knowing barely anyone.  cherries-30 cherrynew-3 cherries-1-5-side
striped hair bow, Family Affairs dress (also plaid & white on sale), Modcloth sandals, vintage basket purse
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striped hair bow, Family Affairs dress (also plaid & white on sale), Modcloth sandals, vintage basket purse



  1. I wish I could visit the US too! The last time I went there was when I was a toddler. The plane tickets are just too expensive from Hong Kong! 💕

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. Wow. Just wow. Beautiful pictures and I love red. It's such a power color. I moved from Florida to Sedona, Arizona a few years back, then two months later moved back. I remember the homesickness had physical symptoms. I feel for you. If it makes you feel any better, I think you're incredibly brave :-)

    ~Laurali Star

  3. I moved from Colorado to Dublin in 2011. I live it here, but home still has my heart. I'm a mountain girl, through and through.

  4. Happy 4th of July!
    I can understand that occasions like this could bring all the memories from your homeland. I used to do that a lot around traditional holidays and couldn't help but feeling a little down. I still do sometimes after all these years but not as much as it used to be. All I can say is that it does get easier. The more you fill in your life with new memories of where you are, the old memories do get faded away over time. Of course, it is not easy always. People may change as they say but not entirely. But it does get easier as time heals.

    Hope you had a lovely day, Rebecca. And enjoy your summer! :)

    Best wishes,
    Rose x

  5. LOOOVE the photos!! The Paris Red dress is a dream on you

  6. This looked so amazing sweetie, I love cherries and would have definitely liked to be there!����
    Lots of hugs
    Plume d'Auré

  7. I've never been to the States before, but I'd love to, there's so many things I'd love to see and do there. I came across your blog via Pinterest and just wanted to say how beautiful your photos are! :)

    Kayleigh |

  8. Oh dearie, how I can relate to this! When I lived in Sweden with my husband it felt galaxies away from California and my family and friends there. Now living in New York I find myself missing bits and pieces from everywhere I've lived. But of course the hardest is always feeling isolated and away from those who know you best. Glad you got to visit your family recently, I did too and we're off to Sweden next!


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