Whiterocks Beach & Dressing For The Beach

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When the sun's out there's no place better to head than the beach and living on an island we have a fair share of those about! Irish beaches are some of the loveliest beaches, but a hot day to enjoy them is rare! I still remember my first visit to a beach here; I was bundled in a coat, tights, and knit hat and still shivering as I looked at the bright aqua water and soft sand leading up to sea arches. Even in summer a beach umbrella is an unfamiliar site on these sands, instead you're more likely to see beach windbreakers. And while you might catch a few brave souls playing in the surf, wetsuits are as common as swimsuits because the water is so brisk! It's quite a different picture from the hot beach days of my childhood where we toted a caravan of supplies to the beach, yelping as the hot sand burned our toes, and thankful for the tiny bit of relief the shade of our umbrella offered. But I'm pretty fond of both experiences and it's nice to not be so hot while you stroll along the shore that you can walk the whole length of the beach, exploring tide pools and caves, and wearing a little mermaid print dress! I must admit my new Miss Patina dress was one reason I wanted to head to the North Coast for a beach day (other reasons being the aforementioned sunshine and heat and a delicious harbour adjacent restaurant I love...).
Which gets me on the mind of theme-dressing and my obvious love for it. When I shared a picture of a vintage chicken print dress I had acquired, I said I couldn't wait to wear it while I fed chickens at a local farmyard. Someone commented, "do you have to feed chickens while wearing it?" And the answer is obviously no, I don't have to, but I'm still anticipating the day I get to wear that dress and feed chickens! So far I've worn the dress and I've fed chickens, but never on the same day...Here's the thing: I really enjoy feeding those chickens and wearing a chicken print dress while I do so will make me laugh! It sort of goes back to the argument of which came first: the chicken or the egg? The love of going to the beach definitely came first, but a nautical themed piece of clothing definitely adds spice to the visit for me. I would've gone to the North Coast without a mermaid dress (and still will this summer), but having a mermaid print dress, crab bag, and fishtail braid just lets me pretend I'm a land-bound Ariel for the day. The theme clothing reflects interests or hobbies I already have--I mean, why do you think I was searching Etsy for chicken print dresses in the first place?! The clothes don't dictate locations, but they give me even more incentive to seek out those locations or experiences I enjoy. misspatina dress beach-19 misspatina dress beach-21-side
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  1. That mermaid dress though! I don't blame you for wanting to make your dress print match your location and/or animal of choice :-)


  2. So glad to see you enjoy this warm days while we enjoy your beautiful work ❤🏖️

  3. i never get tired of seeing your photos of Ireland. You have such a knack for finding the best backdrops and framing

  4. You always look so effortless and gorgeous! I love what you say about your clothes inspiring you to seek out new places, it’s so true! Thanks for sharing your photography and style with us

  5. You always find the most adorable prints!


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