Dressing My Age?

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This summer I feel like my style could be described as: stick a boater hat on it. I tend to default to the same hairstyle (waves achieved through my overnight technique) with a boater hat and basket bag. The basket bag still has a bit of variety since I've accumulated loads of those, so that's slightly less predictable, but hairstyles for me have been pretty lazy these last few months as I've settled into a comfortable routine. As you can see in the above picture I did briefly attempt a new hairstyle for me on this day...as you can see from the rest of the pictures--it didn't last. Of course, I didn't take pictures until midday so I did actually spend half of my day running around in those bubble pigtails, but almost as soon as we started snapping pictures and I looked at a few I thought, "oh no! Maybe I can't pull off pigtails!" and promptly pulled my hair elastics out. What do you think? Can I pull off the pigtails? I'm still on the fence; I like to try new things and this hairstyle is all over Instagram at the moment, but when I looked at pictures some old insecurities surfaced and I reverted back to my comfort level of loose hair. I'm more secure in my self with each passing year, but it's funny how securities and comfort levels shift. I used to be self-conscious in skirts and then I would feel overdone in maxi dresses and now I wear them without thought, but I have a new worry--am I looking too young? Am I dressing too young? I mean I do get mistaken as younger frequently and I have a penchant for cutesy items. I like my novelty purses, mini skirts, and quirky prints--being petite I even occasionally shop in the children's section for clothes, but I'm not actively trying to look younger. In fact, I often stop myself when putting together an outfit and think "is this too young for me?" Not because I'm super worried that people will think I'm not dressing age appropriately, but because I would like to come across as an adult when/if I can. I am an adult, I want people who interact with me to see me as an adult. So pigtails for me always give me a bit of pause, especially when combined with a bubblegum pink romper! It's such a cute romper (and it's from the adult section ahem!) and I love the print on it that reminds me of treasure maps and adventure novels, but when styling it I am conscious I don't want to style it too juvenile--statement earrings and chic slides seemed a good choice. Still I wonder how I come across as I go about my day: teenager, married woman, college student, ridiculously pale ghost? I know it all boils down to cliche adages about who cares what people think, but maybe being completely without hang-ups is still a few years off for me. pink explorer-25 pink explorer-23 pink explorer-4
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