Liz Alig Fair Trade Dresses (and a Giveaway!)

liz alig bike-11As the veritable clothes horse my chosen blog name implies, I quite like clothes. I love that through blogging I have discovered so many clothing lines I would never have known about before and appreciate it even more when I'm able to discover and work with ethical clothing brands. One such brand I'm excited to be partnering with today is Liz Alig. Liz Alig is a fair trade fashion brand that supports slow fashion, recycling, and effortless style--all things I can get behind! Both of the dresses I'm wearing in this post are made from recycled fabrics; this floaty pale green number is made from flour sacks, the striped dress below is made from handwoven recycled denim. I love the flour dress especially for the gorgeous details--the myriad of mixed buttons down the side and the buttoned back details, but also for the history of flour sack dresses. In the 1930s women started recycling flour sacks to make clothes and flour companies caught on and started printing colorful patterned sacks to sell their flour in. The company's logo would be printed in an ink that washed out and even came with instructions for washing away the logo so that the sack and it's fun print could be enjoyed without the advertising (don't you wish companies still did that today?!). This dress isn't a vintage one from the 1930s, but rather a modern dress made with the same principle--reusing a flour sack to make a charming dress. I love the subtle, fading patterning on it and how it echoes that earlier era of thriftiness we would be wise to channel today. 
If you're equally charmed with Liz Alig's designs (and there's a bit of something for everyone from overalls to swing dresses to striped tees and totes), then you need to enter my giveaway with them for $150 store credit. To enter leave a comment on this post linking to what you would buy from Liz Alig if you won. Find a bonus way to enter on my Instagram. Open to everyone, the winner will be drawn in one week. 
liz alig bike-22 liz alig bike-5Liz Alig Louissa dress (also in blue) c/o, Modcloth sandals
liz alig bike-23-side liz alig bike-19 liz alig bike-14 liz alig bike-8Liz Alig Louissa dress (also in blue) c/o, Modcloth sandals
liz alif-1 liz alig striped-13 liz alig striped-11 liz alig striped-9
boater hat, Liz Alig June dress c/o


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