Going Bold in Bubble Pigtails

summerisland gatehouses-7
After last week's post musing on my lack of confidence in pigtails and everyone's encouragement to just go for it: here I am in pigtails! It's nice to occasionally get that virtual permission slip or encouragement from the crowd to go for something you were intimidated by or thought was out of your reach (or age range!). Styling them I still feel it is a matter of balance, not in terms of being age-appropriate but finding harmony between more youthful elements and mature ones. Kind of like a mix of high/low or fancy/casual; the way sequins can look so good with jeans. So this more classic dress from Modcloth (very reminiscent of retro waitress uniforms) paired with simple heels and a straw tote seemed the perfect canvas for a more playful hairstyle. They add an element of quirk to a more traditional striped shirtdress, a bit of play to the look if you will. To me it's a departure from my comfort zone (in terms of hairstyles anyway) but it's funny how it might not look like that from the outside. We are so often our own worst critics and tend to feel our every change quite acutely. It reminds me of the best tip I ever heard for wearing red lipstick; the trick was to apply it awhile before you left your house and then to forget about it! By wearing it around your home for awhile rather than right before you left you'd get used to it some and then hopefully you wouldn't be self-conscious later because it wouldn't even cross your mind that you are wearing bright red lipstick. Many times I've felt this can be applied to other styling choices--put it on and then do your utmost to forget about it! Lose the self-consciousness of a new hairstyle or makeup choice by not thinking about it, because often we are the only ones hyper focusing on it!  summerisland gatehouses-20 summerisland gatehouses-10-side summerisland gatehouses-13 summerisland gatehouses-17 summerisland gatehouses-11 summerisland gatehouses-4-sidesummerisland gatehouses-22
old boater hat, Modcloth dress, sunglasses & heels c/o



  1. I swear, you're the only one who can pull off this cute hairstyle, Rebecca! I love the photos! 💕💕

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. That dress is everything! Que Sera, sera is one of my favorite old songs, by the way :)

    ~Laurali Star


  3. Unforunately Modcloth doesn't ship to Europe these days :-( I love that dress!

  4. Oh my gosh those pigtails are the cutest! And you're right about the hypersensitivity stuff, strangers aren't going to notice something new they don't know you

    The Quirky Queer

  5. I can't get over all the color combos and sweetness in these photos! Are those little cottages?

    1. Sort of, they're actually gatehouses. So twin gatehouses set at the entrance/either side of the gate leading into a manor house. These are pretty typical style ones and in their mostly original condition--they're not expanded to be larger, so they're just one room, no electricity or running water or even indoor toilet! They're just used for storage now, but I do think it would be cool if someone fixed them up and made them suitable for living in again--altho they'd probably still only be holiday homes as they are just basically the size of one room.


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