Transeasonal Tartan

modcloth plaid dress-28
In the last few years I have got into the habit of seasonal dressing. Having a small closet means I can only have access to so many pieces at a time and the rest must be stored temporarily out of reach. But seasonal dressing is more than just being forced to remix a few pieces and becomes a way to keep things fresh; if you only wear a certain jacket or dress a few months of the year it feels new every time you do reach for it. So I find myself gravitating to different color palettes in different months and certain prints or accessories by the season--hence my abundance of basket bags and straw hats in summer and my berets and cardigans in autumn. This month though I've been mixing my seasons a bit, especially in this outfit with tartan (typically an autumnal choice for me) and proper purse more reminiscent of school bags than my usual summery fare of picnic basket chic purses! But the colors of this particular tartan were practically begging to be worn in sunshine and warm weather. So, here it is on a street of colorful doors on a warm and bright day with simple accessories. As well as it looks here it is a piece that will also translate to later months, pairing well with a more neutral blazer and tights. modcloth plaid dress-25 modcloth plaid dress-20-side
Modcloth plaid dress, blazer, & bag c/o, old heels
modcloth plaid dress-11 modcloth plaid dress-8 modcloth plaid dress-22-side modcloth plaid dress-6modcloth plaid dress-1
Modcloth plaid dress, blazer, & bag c/o, old heels


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