Space To Breathe

If I think about what I love about nature and summer it really sums down to the same thing: space to breathe. I also like the heat, although I get as annoyed as the next person when I start sweating just trying to take a walk and as much as I love nature I do wish I encountered less insects on my adventures--or at least less of the annoying insects (fireflies are welcome to come to Ireland). At least on my trampings here it's usually not roasting hot and there's less mosquitoes and no poison ivy, which I'm quite prone to finding in the States! But despite the bugs and stinging nettles I find myself outside on a walk again and again and finding myself in a quiet corner, like an apple orchard gone feral, finding it empty and serene. Summer has the same quality for me, with lingering daylight until nearly 10 at night there never seems to be a rush. You finally have enough hours in the day to do most of the things you need to do and those you want to do as well. It gives me more time to breathe and relax while still accomplishing what seems necessary. I'm reading boatloads of books, savoring the sunshine, and still feeling productive to boot! Life too often feels like a race that I'm lagging behind in, but as summer rolls around I feel I start to keep pace a bit better and with an escape outdoors I wonder why I'm worried about who's leading at all. wildorchard-20 wildorchard-31
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