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When Thomas and I were dating I made him several mix CDs of my favorite songs complete with handmade CD cases collaged with vintage photographs and doodles. We recently found a fairly scratched one in our car and played as much of it as could be played and I got so excited listening to those old tunes again. It had been years since I had listened to some of them and I kept turning up the volume and saying "oooh that's my jam!" It felt very nostalgic and had me itching to make another mix for fun. That's my jam as a phrase was probably on my mind due to my new embroidered tee from Joanie. Joanie makes a number of fun, pun-y tees and this one matches perfectly with their jam bottle skirt (both of which are on sale now!). I wanted to photograph it with the cherry trees on my in-laws farm but they had picked them clean before we got over. There were buckets of cherries all over the house, so we borrowed some of those for these pictures and headed out to the bare little orchard. It was still green and sunlit, a pretty setting even if we missed getting the cherries on the branches--we'll have to make a note on when they're in season for next year! When you aim to photograph nature everything is very fleeting and you have to be on your toes to capture a specific blossom or certain fruit.  joanie jam-1-3 joanie jam-23-side
old scarf, earrings, Joanie jam tee & skirt c/o (also comes as a dress), straw basket purse, old flats
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old scarf, earrings, Joanie jam tee & skirt c/o (also comes as a dress), straw basket purse, old flats



  1. There's just something so romantic about mix tapes and mix CDs! If I were more musically-inclined, I think I'd make one for my boyfriend for this birthday! ❤️

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. You look so cute and young! I'm so in love with this look 😍

  3. Awe! What a darling look. Love all the red hues in these pics. Goes well with your red hair.

    ~Laurali Star

  4. This combination is just perfect. The earrings, the lipstick, the ribbon, skirt and tee and your hair <3

  5. This is just the cutest outfit! I actually just went to buy the jam shirt (I can't resist food themed clothing) and it was on sale! Woo!

  6. Your skirt is so cute, I love this look

  7. Aww, maybe it's just me but you look particularly happy in these photos, and what a sweet moment to hear those old songs!


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