A Parliament of Owls

corn field-6
I was recently reminded that according to the Celtic calendar autumn starts in August and with a new chill in the air it definitely is starting to feel and look like it in our region. I feel extra aware of fall here not just because of changing leaves, but because of the myriad of farms we are surrounded by. Fall means harvest-time and the sleepy farms in summer are transformed into busy spots of industry come autumn. Wheat is cut, apples are pulled, and tractors fill the roads. I've already been allowing autumn to creep into my wardrobe; packing away summer clothes and reaching with excitement for all the nubby knits and cozy layers. GoodAfterNine, my favorite brand for enamel jewelry, sent me some of their new owl rings and those feel appropriate for the shifting seasons as well. There's something about owls that conjures up the image of misty, moonlight nights and creaky, ancient barns. The owl necklace is actually a whistle and a favorite since last year, but the rings are new. Initially I intended to wear one singly, matching my necklace, but then I liked the arrangement of them together, a parliament of owls, if you will. Don't you love collective words for animals? A murder of crows, a cete of badgers, a romp of otters, and so on.  corn field-37 corn field-35 corn field-16-side corn field-33 corn field-38 corn field-24 corn field-29 corn field-23-side corn field-13


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