A Vintage Fox Print & Pretty Pinny

sunflower field-19
Someone told me once that you always pay when it comes to vintage and you pay with time as much as money. I mean you purchase clothes in the traditional sense, handing over cold hard cash for clothes, but you also pay with your time scouring thrift shops, Etsy, yard sales and what-have-you until you find a treasure worth investing in. Sometimes though if you're a blogger those pieces find you and take a lot of the hunt out of it (and I'm not complaining). Such is the case with these lovely handmade pieces using vintage fabric from Girae Rigira. I worked with her in the past and was excited when she approached me about some of the new pieces in her shop. A gorgeous blouse made from vintage fox fabric and a classic pinafore dress with removeable straps? Yes, please! Both pieces couldn't be more my style and I love that everything is handmade using recycled, vintage fabric. My wardrobe is still not completely filled with ethical and sustainable fashion, but I welcome every opportunity I have to support those shops that are better for everyone. And shops like Girae Rigira prove that you don't have to sacrifice your personal style either; so often I find ethical fashion is almost synonymous with minimalism, but this shop is filled with fun patterns and retro silhouettes. I hope you'll give her shop a peek and maybe find something just your style there as well.
P.S. Use code SUNFLOWERS to get 10% off everything at Girae Rigira. sunflower field-5
sunflower field-12 sunflower field-9-side sunflower field-1 sunflower field-21 sunflower field-17 sunflower field-15 sunflower field-9 sunflower field-20 sunflower field-3



  1. The sunflower field is beautiful! I love how you coordinated your outfit with the flowers as well. Love it! ❤️❤️

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. That top is so pretty, what a beauitful field

  3. Such a beautiful outfit!!! I love the location, too, but then I always do! And how awesome that she uses all vintage fabrics. That fox print is amazing!


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