A Romantic Dress at Moy Castle

castle moy-7
We arrived at Moy Castle on a blustery day. I had been wearing hiking gear to this spot, but finding it empty expect for a few fleeing sheep, changed into this long dress for a quick shoot. After unsuccessfully trying to tame my hair in the wind I thrust it up into milkmaid braids without the benefit of a mirror or reliable witness. "How does it look?" I asked Thomas. "Fine," he replied. It was only later when we returned to civilization that I discovered my serpentine part and mass of errant hairs that had never made it into the braids at all. Oh well, the braids kept my hair from becoming too much of a tangled mess and the style does look half decent in these photographs. A windswept hairstyle to go with the windswept long dress perhaps? Let's pretend the dishevelment is intentional and focus on the romanticism of these shots. It's funny how many pictures we took exploring castles in Scotland when we have many castles down the road from us in Ireland. But you always seem to have so much more time to explore and hike out of your way on holiday than you do in your normal routine at home. We might take the occasional weekend away or day trip to somewhere nearby, but we certainly don't pack as much adventure and crumbling architecture into our usual schedule. This trip has inspired me to attempt more dramatic shots in my own backyard though; there's still a lot of Northern Ireland left for me to explore and I'm excited to venture forth camera in hand!  castle moy-8 castle moy-6 castle moy-5-side
castle moy-17 castle moy-16 castle moy-19 castle moy-11-side castle moy-2-2 castle moy-2



  1. Which filters did you use?

    1. Hi Anonymous, to edit? I don't use any filters; I edit in Lightroom and do it all manually/on my own. I did make a set of filters for A Color Story if you like my editing style and I'm thinking of making another filter pack one day as well as my editing style has changed somewhat since that pack was made.

  2. He's right - it does look fine :) I think I like the crooked part better than a perfect one.

  3. You looks so amazing! I never get tired of watching your stunning photos~
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  4. first picture reminds me of Jane Eyre :)

  5. So beautiful! I stumbled upon this post, when planning my next trip to Scotland. I absolutely love your blog. Especially how you always manage to capture these magical and beautiful vibes in every photo you create. The exact escapism one needs on days like these.


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