A Casual Travel Outfit

highland coos-3
I wasn't going to post this outfit on the blog because we didn't get quite as many pictures as I normally like to get for a full post. We took them in a bit of hurry, certain the Highland cows that were loitering outside our B&B on Mull would move or disappear before we got a chance to capture them. But as you can see from the pictures the only part of them that seemed to move was their mouths as they chewed! They were the most docile cows I've ever met, nary moving an inch as we snapped a few pictures just a few feet away from them. Maybe these particular cows had lost both their fear and curiosity over humans (I find most cows the latter--charging up to meet you whenever you walk by or through one of their fields!) since they were free to roam. I don't know where they would go later in the day, but nearly every morning we'd find them chomping on the grass outside our B&B their horns looking a bit too sharp for our rental car parked in close proximity. This outfit is also the most comfortable look I packed with me for Scotland. It wasn't all running around barefoot in vintage dresses, I also spent some days in hiking boots and a rain jacket. These overalls though (which focuses on making clothes ethically and paying living wages to all employees) are my new addiction, I packed them for Scotland but have been wearing them a lot now that I'm back home. The fit is very loose and relaxed, which isn't usually my style, but so comfortable I'm rethinking my usual fit choices! They're a perfect choice for traveling or a day of running errands and they come in all sorts of cute colors.
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