Aliquo Jewelry at Scrabo Tower

The first time Thomas took me to Scrabo Tower, we couldn't find it. If you've ever been you know that Scrabo sits high on a hill, usually visible from miles away--it's a striking landmark in the region. The day I first ventured there however it was so foggy the tower was completely hidden. So we climbed fences and wandered through prickly gorse for ages trying to find the tower and only eventually by chance managed to stumble close enough to see it like a ghost through the fog. Our next visit wasn't quite a memorable, the tower was immediately visible from quite a distance, but we went on a stormy day and were quickly chased away by rainclouds. This day was slightly less wild, though the wind did blow us about a bit, the skies were blue and the sun even made an appearance. A fitting location for some pretty new jewelry I received from Aliquo; a line of handmade jewelry made on the Emerald Isle in Dublin. This is a brand I've featured a few times before on the blog and it's still a favorite; I love Aliquo's feminine, vintage inspired pieces that are often injected with a cheerful dose of color. Her new Sunset collection is no exception featuring delicate waves and setting suns. The simple gold disk of the waves necklace, makes for a perfect layering piece, while the sunset pieces with bright enamel half moons in a variety of colors are perfect statement pieces. I couldn't resist the saffron pieces in the perfect shade of yellow for my wardrobe and have already been wearing the earrings loads. I love how bold they are while still being remarkably lightweight; I like large earrings but usually they're so heavy I can't wear them for long, but this pair is so light I forget I'm wearing them. Like Scrabo Tower, Aliquo is a pretty discovery I've found since moving here.
P.S. Use my code "aclotheshorse" to get free shipping on your order at Aliquo. scrabo tower-20 tower-1-3
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