Stylish Movies: Not Another Happy Ending

not another happy ending
Not Another Happy Ending is a charming little film with great intentions that occasionally falls flat. It tells the story of an aspiring author (Jane Lockhart) who is discovered by a dashing, but hot tempered editor and the two seem to make magic together. Her first book is a hit, but with her second she gets writer's block and her editor knowing she writes best in tribulation, starts scheming to ruin her life...It's a comic and sweet little story and one of the highlights of the film for me is Jane's wardrobe. It's a quirky mix of mixed patterns, awkwardly cropped sleeves and trousers, and cozy knits. Everything has a look of vintage or thrift store chic from her beat-up loafers to her faded paisley shirt in the above look (my favorite from the film--that tam!). She sticks to a fairly strict color palette of teal, mustard, and reds; in a lot of ways her style reminds me of Annie Hall if Annie wasn't afraid of color or pattern! Jane isn't afraid of either creatively mixing bold colors and wild prints; another stand-out look is the briefly glimpsed outfit featuring a large check jacket, plaid trousers, and patterned blouse! To mimic Jane's style look for vintage-inspired prints and knits, especially those with awkward crops at the ankle or wrists, and a good waistcoat wouldn't go amiss either. For accessories keep them to a minimum--no fussy handbags or jewelry, instead go for retro/nerdy watches, vintage-inspired berets, and loafers or oxford shoes. I'm definitely going to be taking a page from Jane's style this autumn.       not another happy endingnot another happy ending not another happy ending not another happy ending not another happy ending not another happy ending


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