Cawdor Castle Gardens

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We're just home from our summer holiday roadtripping through Scotland. One of the last stops on our trip was Cawdor Castle. It was a bit of a last minute decision to visit as well, Thomas had left the last day of our trip empty so we could recover and relax a bit--he also thought I might be tired of castles by that point. As if I could ever be tired of castles! When the last day did arrive we still felt pretty fresh-faced, so we decided to trek out to Cawdor Castle and tour the gardens. You can purchase a ticket for just the gardens or tour the house and gardens. Since the day was mild and we're big fan of gardens we opted to just tour the gardens and spent hours wandering all over the grounds. I'm sure the rooms were very grand as well, but it felt nice to be outside enjoying the lovely weather and stretching our legs. One of the things I love about castle or manor house grounds is how much variety their gardens tend to hold; with such an expansive space there's usually a section for wildflowers, a more manicured walled garden, and ancient wooded area behind the castle. This stop was a lovely little finish to our trip and one I would definitely recommend scheduling into your own Scottish adventure. cawdor castle-9 cawdor castle-2-3-side cawdor castle-14 cawdor-1 cawdor castle-13 cawdor castle-11-2 cawdor castle-2-side cawdor castle-8-2 cawdor castle-13-2


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