Isle Of Mull

I've tried to stretch out my posts and pictures from Scotland. To pepper them across my blog and social media slowly as if it will help me savor the trip for a bit longer. Because it was such a good trip. It was a holiday I had wanted to take for many years, my first time seeing more of Scotland than Edinburgh--my first time seeing Scotland when it wasn't winter and the weather next to unbearable! It makes me feel a bit disloyal to Ireland just how much I enjoyed Scotland--the islands and mountains, the waterfalls and wilderness, the sweeping clouds that seemed to move across the sky at full tilt. With so much of the world to explore it seems almost a shame to re-visit the same places rather than to seek new ones, but I already want to go back to Scotland. I'd practically do the same route again with all the narrow single lane roads and brief breaks running through the wild grasses. Isle of Mull might have been our favorite spot (it is hard to pick complete favorites) and these are some of the pictures we took there. We experienced a little bit of everything there--misty mornings that gave way to bright sunshine-y days at the beach with crystal clear waters, dramatic skies lurking behind mountains...It was beautiful, a place that abides in your bones long after you've left it behind. mull-1-14 mull-1-13 mull-1-19 mull-2 mull-1-18 mull-1 copy mull-1-4 mull-1-5 copy mull-1-6 mull-1-5 mull-1-11



  1. Wow!! These photos are breathtaking and make me yearn for Scotland all the more greatly!

  2. Oh, my heart! It's such a huge dream of mine to visit Scotland AND Ireland and you are giving me life with these photos! They're amazing. So, so dreamy. The emotion of the land is just... oh it hits all my emotions.

  3. Your photography is stunning, it really captures the feel of a landscape. Have you ever thought about making a coffee table book? If you do, I'd be the first to buy it!

  4. Wow, how beautiful the scotland! The color of your hair light up the landscape. The mountains makes me think about . Really want to go there!
    Annie From

  5. I also appreciate the beauty of your photos. Some of the ones of you taken in Scotland would make wonderful book covers. Thank you!

  6. It looks so amazing there


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