Clothes For Fairytale Characters

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I grew up reading fairytales, now I occasionally pretend to be in one in photographs. I never planned on moving to Ireland (or even visiting Ireland for that matter!) but now it seems like the perfect place for me--a green country filled with epic castles and stunning coastlines that suits my fantasy-inclined preferences. As for fairytale characters I don't usually reference a specific one, but due to my pale skin and penchant for apple orchards Snow White does come up often enough. I've always erred on the side of imitating the character in the book or story in style rather than wearing a tee with their face on it, in a subtle fashion anyway. Costume reproductions and cosplay always seem to take a bit too much dedication for me, whereas I just want to seem a bit ambiguously fairytale-like (fairytale-lite if you will). Clothes a character in a story would wear, maybe in an updated way some days. These new pieces from Cath Kidston hit that sweet spot of wearable and referential; an apple print shirtdress that reminds you of the classic story but probably more practical for daily life than Snow White's indelible duds...and of course I'm always a fool for a novelty purse. I feel like this apple purse might be my most apt one yet with my in-law's apple farm I seem to haunt come autumn-time when the trees are laden with fruit. This Snow White collection isn't online yet, but will be available at Cath Kidston on the 20th! apples-1 cath kidston apples-33 cath kidston apples-9-side cath kidston apples-21 cath kidston apples-19 cath kidston apples-23 cath kidston apples-8
beret, dress & apple purse c/o Cath Kidston, Barbour wellies



  1. I love the apple theme of the photoshoot! So cute, and very Cath Kidston indeed! ❤️❤️

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. Such a cute print! The photos, as always, are simply lovely.
    If you like fairy tales, I must recommend Uprooted and Spinning Silver by Naomi Novik! They're both amazing books - revisionist takes on a couple of different fairy tales, and beautifully written.

  3. This outfit is so cute, I love your bag

  4. you could be thumbelina ! One of my favourite film :-)

  5. for me you'd be Belle, or Merida (the red hair, I know) but could've been Tinkerbell when you had green hair - I've always pictured her with teal hair!!

  6. Votre blog est charmant, félicitation,vous faite découvrir des beautés qui se cachent dans les détails de ce monde. Je suis curieuse, de savoir comment il vous possible de voyager dans autant de si beaux endroits.

    1. I really only travel 2-3 times a year some of those only for a weekend, other than that I live in Northern Ireland and most pictures are taken very close to my home in the countryside. I do like day trips around other parts of Ireland as well.


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