My Favorite Autumn Looks from the Archives

I have been accused occasionally of being a "one trick pony" or of having the same style for years and years. While I do see changes in my style over the years, I would agree most of these are subtle and to be honest, I look at it as a mark of a good outfit if several years later it's still one I would love to wear. There are plenty of people out there who chase trends or bring you what is latest and newest in style and I'm perfectly okay with not being one of them. I hope my style will continue to be consistent and same-y because it means I can keep wearing the same pieces I love for years to come! I think it's a mark of good style to know what you like. All of the style icons I admire have a consistent look; they don't need to reinvent themselves every few years because their style is classic. So, in honor of being a bit consistent style-wise, here's some of my favorite looks from past autumns and winters--most of these aren't even "I would wear it again" but "I plan on wearing this again this year!" Autumn styles have come to be some of my favorites and I'm always a sucker for tweed-y pieces, velvet and corduroy, all of the pinafores, and a healthy dose of plaid to boot. 
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