Farm Kittens

ginger kitten-5
Awhile back a stray tabby started showing up at the apple farm. As this is how most of the cats that have cycled through the farm over the years are adopted, they left food out for it, started petting it when it would let them, and eventually named it Tilly. Now Tilly is fully ensconced in the farm; a regular as much as the dog Jack, the Bramley apples, and the starlings that come to the sheds every year. Not too long ago Tilly started to look a bit heavier and stopped wandering quite as far. Before we knew it there was an adorable litter of kittens hiding in one of the sheds. And I do mean hiding as they almost went undiscovered as we scoured all of the sheds, moving boxes and crates trying to find where they might be hiding. Once found, they and Tilly were transitioned into a safer spot and have been steadily growing there into adorableness. Lately, they've started to climb around a bit more and we've been cuddling them every so often. Tilly is a classic tabby but her litter is a real variety pack of cuteness; there's a wee ginger, two very different calicos, and even a little black one with white paws. We borrowed the ginger for a few minutes for these pictures because she (or he, who knows!) was such a perfect match for my new jewelry set from GoodAfterNine. I got the ginger cat set because I love orange, but now that I've been playing with the kittens I kind of want every set and perhaps especially the calico one. The calico kitten has stolen my heart a little, although despite everyone's urgings I am attempting to remain strong and not adopt one for our home! Still they're very hard to resist when they look this sweet and seem to love cuddling in your arms. ginger kitten-11 ginger kitten-36-side


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