Pumpkins & Plaid

modcloth plaid-10
Whew, it's been a doozy of a week in these parts. I don't know why but things have been getting to me a bit this weekend; sometimes an innocent molehill does feel like a mountain. Neither mountain nor molehill however is this lovely pumpkin patch. It's still a bit early in the season for pumpkins and these are still ripening on the vine, but after a rather painful morning we decided to cheer ourselves up with a fleeting visit to the pumpkin patch. We already have a half dozen gourds decorating our living room and I'm looking forward to coming back in a couple of weeks and selecting the biggest pumpkin I can carry. Like switching my wardrobe seasonally, I get such a kick out of bringing bits of autumn into our home this time of year. I have a scattering of conkers on our bookshelf, kitschy decor saved from previous years pulled out of storage, and fresh plums and crab apples covering our kitchen counters. A perfect complement to the loads of plaid, cozy knits, and berets I've started wearing on repeat. modcloth plaid-16 modcloth plaid-17
modcloth plaid-13-side modcloth plaid-2 modcloth plaid-15 modcloth plaid-14 modcloth plaid-19-side modcloth plaid-4 modcloth plaid-20


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