The First Fruits Of Harvest

new victoria plums-1
It's the harvest season on the farm. While apples are the most prominent crop in this region, the first hint of autumn and harvest always comes to our house in the form of Victoria plums. I never even knew I liked plums until I tasted one fresh from the branch a few years ago, now I eagerly look forward to this time of year and our plum harvest. We pick a few ourselves almost every time we go over to the family farm and devour loads every day while the fleeting season lasts. Once these start to pass our eyes will turn to the hedges for the smaller, but equally tasty damson plums. They grow wild and last year we turned our harvest of damsons into jam that has lasted us nearly the whole year. I don't think there's much to compare to fresh fruit you pick yourself in terms of flavor. I love this season for the fresh fruit and baking. It's such a cozy time of year and I spend more and more hours in the kitchen trying new recipes and baking up all my favorite seasonal treats. I'll have to find a way to make pumpkin pie soon as well! victoria plums-12 victoria plums-18 victoria plums-25-side
wool beret, Miss Patina blouse, H&M pinafore
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wool beret, Miss Patina blouse, H&M pinafore


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