The Haunted Office Building

modcloth pinafore-6
Seems fitting to approach the start of October with a few pictures in front of a pretty and probably haunted office building. We've taken a few pictures by this building before, always on weekends to avoid the people who use this as an office and usually around the sides. But we were passing it recently and saw how many of the vines had started to turn red here and decided we needed to do a shoot featuring the front. It's a really gorgeous old building, although I'm told it looks quite boring on the inside--and is likely haunted!--from a friend who used to work here. I'm not sure I believe in all that ghost business, but with the creeping red vines and crows circling above doesn't it look like somewhere that could be haunted? Haunted or not, it makes a pretty backdrop for a classic autumn look: pinafore, plaid scarf, and buckle shoes. I'm not looking forward to shorter days or colder weather, but autumn does have its perks in the form of pretty leaves and some of the cutest clothes.
P.S. Most of my look today is from Modcloth and they're having one of their very rare special sales right now: use code BFF30 for 30% off all orders $150+ modcloth pinafore-41 modcloth pinafore-17
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  1. Oh, now, you can't tell us this is haunted and then not spill the details! Who is haunting it and why?! :)

    1. Lol I have no idea, I just gather that when people work there late at night they hear strange noises and whatnot. But I think with buildings this old there's not always a story about who & why, it's just really old places are bound to have had something creepy happen there at least once lol

  2. Oh my word that building is incredible! And it's fascinating that it may be haunted!
    I'm looking forward to the colder weather (and cuter clothes) but the shorter days are not great. Ah, well. Win some and lose some!

  3. Your hair accessory is so magical and I just adore this look. What an incredible house. At first glance I wouldn't even think of it being haunted!

  4. The building definitely makes a magical and beautiful backdrop! Though if it were me, the rumours of it being haunted would make me avoid it altogether, haha! ❤️❤️

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  5. Love these colours so much, it's so autumnal! x

  6. WOW! It's just like in the fairytale! The fall is so beautiful in your pictures!

  7. Wonderful photos! I love the owl ring and necklase. That building is amazing!


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