Testing New Lip Colors

IMG_0735 lips-1-9
I try to experiment with fashion when I can, I've cut and dyed my hair in nearly every imaginable way, but when it comes to makeup I tend to play it pretty safe. The same winged eyeliner every day and a simple coral or red lipstick. It hasn't really changed since I started wearing makeup in college and while I do like my everyday look I sometimes wish I had a reason to try something new. So when Ink of Elation (a cruelty-free beauty line) offered to send me their coffret of liquid matte lipsticks I was excited for the chance to try some colors outside of my comfort zone. After testing them out I'm surprised to admit as well my favorite colors in the collection are ones I never would have picked out for myself! Sienna is a burnt amber shade not too different from my hair color. If I saw it in the store I would immediately pass it by, but now that I've tried it I'm a bit addicted. It feels perfectly autumnal and it actually works with my coloring, which I never would have guessed! Another surprising twist the Pash (a dark cherry brown) and Mezzanotte described as blackberry that comes out almost black on me; both give me very Halloween-y vibes. From the more traditional colors my favorites are: Cleo a perfect orangey-red and Madrid a deeper wine red. I still haven't given up my standard eyeliner and blush combo, but it has been very fun trying out some new lip colors and get outside of my comfort zone a bit. lips-1-5
*Thank you to Ink of Elation for gifting me with these lipsticks to trial, as always all opinions are my own*


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