Black Cat Crossing

cat outfit-30 I don't usually get to wear a costume for Halloween. We never seem to be going to a dress-up party, so instead of a full-on costume I tend to get a bit extra with the theme dressing in October. I mean piling on all my cat pieces including a little mini cat ear beret, why not? Seems very appropriate given the time of year and is a bit costume-y to boot. This outfit started with my new black cat jewelry set from GoodAfterNine and quickly added most of my other cat pieces. Ironically, for someone who doesn't have a cat and prefers dogs in general, I have a lot of cat clothing pieces! I even had a cat sweater I almost wore with this look, but I resisted at the last minute. Cat madness aside, it's a cozy look perfect for this time of year. 
P.S. These pictures are edited with "Birches" from my preset outfit-29 cat outfit-5-side
Sezane sweater, old skirt, GoodAfterNine black cat jewelry c/o, Miss L Fire booties
cat outfit-6 cat outfit-32 cat outfit-27 cat outfit-4-side cat outfit-22 cat outfit-34 cat outfit-3
Sezane sweater, old skirt & hat, GoodAfterNine black cat jewelry c/o, Miss L Fire booties


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