Classic Plaid

plaid pinafore-24
You can't go wrong with a bit of plaid in the fall! I like it in the cozy flannel variety, classic blanket scarf version, never say no to a Pendleton skirt...the list goes on! Today's plaid is in the pinafore variety, rather mimicking a school uniform! It's funny how when you aren't forced to wear a uniform you gravitate towards the look. I only briefly had a uniform for my one year of private school growing up and I hated the uniform then, but now I find myself quite often wearing elements from the look--and I kept my actual uniform beret and still wear it now a decade later! For me I think it goes back to my love of nerdy looks; outfits that wouldn't look out of place in a library or at least with a novel tucked under your arm... plaid pinafore-7 plaid pinafore-15
plaid pinafore-27-side plaid pinafore-20 plaid pinafore-32 plaid pinafore-12 plaid pinafore-34 plaid pinafore-6-side plaid pinafore-37


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